Charter of the Libertarian Youth Caucus

Ratified on March 24th, 2016


Charter of the Libertarian Youth Caucus


What We Are:


The Libertarian Youth Caucus (LYC) is to be a caucus of the Libertarian Party (LP). The goal of the LYC is to provide resources to candidates, the party, and people within the liberty movement, youth and adult alike, that are dedicated to spreading Libertarianism to youth.


The LYC shall also serve as a lobbying organization, in order to push the Libertarian Party to gear their message towards youth, and create expertise in social media, and modern outreach techniques.


What Our Mission Is:


“Promoting the restructuring of the party and its policy to promote outreach and membership of younger voters within the Libertarian Party.”


What We Believe:


  1. The Libertarian Party should adopt a more active approach towards youth outreach through media, voter registration drives, and other effective methods.


The first step to getting youth into the party is reaching out to them. Youth have to be sought out intentionally. The LYC supports any effort by the Libertarian Party to sponsor media geared towards youth. The LYC also supports LP - Sponsored Voter Registration drives, voter information campaigns, and school outreach. The LYC supports efforts to purposefully reach out to high schools and colleges through the establishment of clubs and student organizations.


  1. The Libertarian Party should directly invest resources and monetary aid in video, digital, and social media - oriented advertising.


The LYC recognizes the need for fiscal responsibility, and actively supports smart budgeting by the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), however, we also see a need for the inclusion of professional media as means of attracting new members to the party. The LYC especially sees a need for professional video and social media pages, and suggests providing professional software and training to volunteers within the party. The LYC believes that state and local affiliates should have access to personal graphics, and should be more actively supported by the LNC in their outreach and campaigns.


  1. The Libertarian Party should identify and recognize issues that are important to younger voters.


The LP should take particular care in mainstreaming issues that are of importance to youth voters. The LP should consult young libertarians on issues that are of importance to them, and make press releases, video campaigns, and social media ads that inform youth voters of our positions.


  1. The Libertarian Party should actively promote youth rights.


Currently, no party in the United States has actively taken on youth rights as a part of their platform. Youth, within public schools especially, are targeted by the State as victims of civil liberty abuses. As the party of principle, the LP should actively campaign, and adopt as a part of their platform, that youths’ rights should be protected.  


  1. The Libertarian Party should provide a discounted rate of membership, including life membership, for students.


In order to increase membership and gain volunteers, the LP should promote youth membership by providing a discounted rate for students.


  1. The Libertarian Party should develop scholarships for Libertarian students and partnerships with liberty - minded universities.


The Libertarian Party should actively seek out students that will be of use to the Libertarian Party, or who have the potential to influence the American government, and political realm towards libertarianism. The Libertarian Party should establish partnerships with liberty - minded universities in order to get a foothold in American higher education.




The LYC shall be governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be elected by a general consensus of all active members, annually. The BoD shall not exceed 15 members, but shall not be under 4.  There shall never be more Supporters on the BoD than Members. The BoD shall appoint other officers, as they see fit. Amendments to this charter can be made by a 3/4 vote by the BoD.


A Member shall be defined as any person who is a dues- paying participant between the ages of 10 - 26, who shall also be a member of the Libertarian Party, and shall be a citizen of the United States.


A Supporter shall be defined as any person who is a dues-paying participant, or a person deemed by the BoD to be worthy of honorary membership, who is 27 or older.